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Bizweni Pre-Primary and daycare is situated in a beautiful part of Somerset West on the beautiful Bizweni Church grounds.

Bizweni Pre-Primary and daycare caters for learners turning 3 up to learners turning 5.

Christian Values

Where faith in a loving God is fostered, Christian character foundations are laid, play and healthy social interactions are nurtured.

Nurturing Environment

Creating a home away from home where each child has the opportunity to develop to their full potential emotionally, socially, morally and intellectually.

Our Focus

Preparing learners for further education in the foundation phase through meaningful experiences.

Developmental Areas

We follow the CAPS curriculum, focusing on the Early Learning Developmental Areas set out by the Department of Education namely:

  • Well-being,
  • identity and belonging,
  • communicating,
  • exploring Mathematics,
  • creativity and
  • knowledge and understanding of the world.

Program Framework

We discuss a new topic each week, providing an outline for:

  • Language activities,
  • Life skills activities and
  • Mathematical activities
  • New music,
  • creative activities,
  • games and
  • outside activities

Our logo

A Zebra’s stripes are as individual on every single zebra as our fingerprints are unique? No two Zebras have the same pattern of stripes. A group of zebras together in the wild is technically called a “dazzle”. A baby zebra is called a foal. They stay with their mothers for around a year. Baby zebras are quickly independent and grow up in a strong, safe herd environment.


The aim of Bizweni Pre-Primary and daycare is to provide a range of services that supports child and family development and responds to the interests of all our children and their families in a welcoming, stimulating, and positive environment. We aim to develop well rounded, happy, and secure children to reach their full potential, and to prepare the child for the formal education phase as well as for later in life. We aim to help the young children develop positive values through meaningful experiences and to help each child develop his/her full potential intellectually, socially, morally, and emotionally. We want children to feel at ease with themselves and with their unique approach to living in today’s world. We believe in laying the foundation for our children’s future by nurturing the child’s self-esteem, individual’s needs, development, and social emotional well-being.


Bizweni Pre-Primary and daycare is a Non-Profit, Christian Nursery School. A balanced educational programme is followed, based on a Christian foundation. Whilst encouraging and enriching the development & learning in each child, faith in a loving God is fostered, Christian character foundations are laid, play and healthy social interactions are nurtured. Parents are kept informed of everything that is taking place at Bizweni Pre-Primary and daycare. This applies to the classroom as well as the school as a whole. Individual parent meetings and general meetings are scheduled, newsletters are sent out regularly and parents are interacted with daily. Parents are invited to discuss their child’s progress, or any problem, with the Principal or Teacher. The goal is to discuss and resolve potential problems, to inform them of upcoming events and to keep the communication channels open. To keep our fees competitive, we have to rely on fund raising to supplement our income. Each year we try to keep the fundraising projects interesting for the parents and the children.